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OpenOB - Open Audio over IP for Broadcasters

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OpenOB - Open Audio over IP for Broadcasters

The OpenOB project is an audio over IP software package designed for broadcast engineers and system integrators at broadcasters.

The goal of the project is to provide a simple framework for configuring and managing low delay audio links between devices over standard IP networks, with a programmer-friendly API for easy integration into other projects.

OpenOB can be used for:

It can be used on a variety of network connections (including over the internet and mobile links such as 3G), with operating bitrates as low as 16kbps in compressed mode, and support for fully lossless operation in linear PCM mode.


This is the documentation for the currently-unreleased/unstable OpenOB 3 refactoring. If you are using the 2.3 version from PyPi some documentation may be incorrect or misleading.

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OpenOB was originally developed by James Harrison at Insanity Radio, a London based community radio station, as a studio-transmitter link. Over the years many improvements and updates have been made by a wide community of contributors.

It is now in regular use in a number of community, non-profit and commercial radio stations in the UK and abroad, and continues to be developed and expanded.

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